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Beauty Tips for Pregnant

Women dream to be pregnant but scared about beauty problem during pregnancy. Now looking gorgeous during pregnancy is no more dreams.  Typical problem faced during pregnancy are Stretch marks, Brown spots, Hair Colour, acne, Dry Skin, Aching legs and feet. Here are some beauties tips which will help you to look beautiful at the time of pregnancy.

Tips for pregnant recommend all women to follow below tips to maintain their beauty and look gorgeous during pregnancy are

·        Use Natural moisturizer like clean cocoa butter on your tummy and breasts it will help avoid, or at least   reduce, stretch marks.

·      Use attractive good looking maternity clothes. Now a day’s wider variety of maternity clothes are available in market.

·        Stay positive and always think that you have god gifted gift inside you.

·        Eat Healthy diet to keep yourself fit and baby healthy.

·        Wear flat shoe, keep regular cleaning of your foot.

·       To prevent brown spots, use a sunscreen with at least 15 SPF. To lighten dark patches try topical Vitamin C serum under moisturizer.

·       Enjoy swimming but do not bathe in very hot water, not good for baby.

·       Regularly exercise only after 5 month. Take suggestion from your doctor before exercise.

·       Exercise keeps your energy level up and control stress and anxiety.

·       Use bra with broad set straps which are not too thin helps give much-needed assistance. This will not only help to avoid sagging, but also make your look attractive and appealing.

·       Rub your belly several times a day in a circular motion with creams or oils that contain cocoa butter, vitamin E or sweet almond oil. Many good creams are available in medical store like stretch nil etc.

·        Elevate legs when resting and take long or short walks every 45 minutes during long flights or car rides. Avoid standing for long periods and don't cross legs when sitting.

·        Wash your face regularly to avoid acne.

Pregnancy is one of best period of women life, be happy and use above recommended tips in consultation with your doctor to keep your self beautiful and gorgeous during this beautiful period.








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Warning: All the tips given here is for information purpose only. For more detail, please consult your doctor. try to give useful and best tips only, however is not responsible for sideeffects due to any given tips

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